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We offer a dynamic, innovative learning community, cultivating lifelong learners who would merge seamlessly with the global environment and yet be able to relate completely with their identity as worthy & value oriented patriots of our country. Students are encouraged to learn through exploration, investigation and collaboration. The school has dedicated itself to understanding and meeting the individual needs, wants and ambitions of every pupil. We aim at treating every single child as an individual and to ensure that all our pupils achieve the best possible academic results.

We give our students control over their learning and ensure they have a solid understanding of the subject. We set high academic standards and support pupils in realizing their potential. We spark intellectual curiosity and encourage in students a love of learning. Within the classroom, we encourage pupils to strive for the highest academic standards, to seize the many learning opportunities provided. We ensure that students emerge as intellectually curious, resilient, enterprising and independent lifelong learners. We train them to analyze complex problems and communicate and listen effectively.

The learning approach is child-centric. The type of education received by our students helps them replace an empty mind with an open one. The school provides a conducive environment to students to lead their lives in alignment with the values, vision, abilities and potential. Every student is made aware that he or she is a valued member of the society, so that they develop leadership qualities with a global out-look. Core values and principles underpin a dynamic learning environment and our students are given every opportunity to aspire to excellence.
Early childhood is the period that children develop their foundation of life. We ensure that they develop interest in the things around them. We also help to develop their listening and speaking skills and to cultivate creativity. The children are involved in a lot of activity such as singing, dancing, coloring and sand play. The Montessori Method emphasizes the uniqueness of each child. The Kindergarten has been created to be a place which children love coming to and where they enjoy what they do.  
Stansford’s primary school level is dedicated to providing a challenging learning environment which is child-centered, well-balanced and aims at developing the whole child; an environment which is committed to appreciating and utilizing students’ strengths and individuality through collaborative teamwork to achieve academic excellence and to promote a foundation for life-long learning.
In our middle school level, we believe that learning is a process in which each student discovers and constructs meaning from information and experience. The individual needs and development level of each student serve as the starting point for all learning activities. Students learn interpersonal skills and how to value and accept others. Positive feedback and encouragement are essential components of all assessments.
The high school level is dedicated to fostering students’ intellectual, social, emotional physical and aesthetic development in order to prepare them for life in a rapidly changing world. Activities and sports at Stansford help ensure that our students are able to reach their highest potential by providing a well-rounded program directed towards development of their talents, skills, self-confidence and sense of global citizenship.
Group A1: Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology
Group A2: Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Computer Science
Group A3: Commerce, Accountancy, Economics & Computer Science

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