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Welcome To Stansford

Stansford is a friendly place where students feel welcome and where their talents and personalities are recognized. We help students find their passion and be guided by the principles of global mindedness and personalised development, as we believe education has the potential to change the world.

Stansford inspires, challenges and encourages students to give their best at all times and to participate in a wide range of activities beyond the classroom. We are proud to be offering a personalised approach to learning, which achieves excellent academic results and also produces holistic development in children. The school prides itself on its high standards and offers an academic, sporting, co-curricular and personal development programme that affords students every opportunity to grow in knowledge, self-confidence, skill and understanding.

Stansford International School is a progressive, learner- focused school that values the individual and believes in nurturing self-esteem, confidence and independent thinking, while also encouraging self-discipline and responsibility. Stansford provides opportunities and a positive environment in which children are encouraged to achieve their fullest potential. Each child is given the opportunity to strive for excellence within the framework of an extensive and diverse curriculum that helps students acquire essential life skills.

Our students are encouraged to develop sound ethical values. Kindness, respect and integrity are instilled within a safe and nurturing environment. Students enjoy learning by making meaningful connections between the classroom and the world at large. Stansford prepares students to be successful, well-balanced and responsible global citizens. Each student comes to school excited to learn and our goal is to sustain that excitement. The students bring with them background knowledge and experiences which add to the diversity and richness of our learning environment. Students are encouraged to ask questions and through the synergy of dialogue and collaboration, they begin to feel valued in the learning process. We offer inspiring educational experiences that are designed to reinforce independence, resilience and confidence. It is these skills, amongst others, that have been seen to provide an immediate advantage in the competitive.

Our teachers are innovative, skilled and have an unparalleled enthusiasm to face the challenges of education in the 21st century, through their innovative teaching methods. The rapport, encouragement and support available to every single child, create an atmosphere where children can develop happily and progress successfully. Each teacher is a catalyst of change and is assigned a great responsibility of being sensitive to the needs of each child. Our teachers are committed to bring out overall development of each child. We motivate our teachers constantly to improve the teaching methodology through workshops, seminars and other exposures.

Parent involvement in their children’s education is a key to their success as lifelong learners. At Stansford, parents, teachers, support staff and administration work in partnership to promote the attitudes needed to guide and support the learning process for the children. We are committed to develop socially responsible global citizens in a safe creative and educationally challenging environment that encourages achievement of individual excellence through self discovery. The school stands for excellence, perfection and continuously sets the highest standards in all the field of education.

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