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Student Activities
Students are allotted to the four houses, i.e., Gazelle, Black buck, Caribou and Oryx. The house system is an integral part of the school and helps to co-ordinate various activities and leads to the building up of esprit de corps and camaraderie among students. Each house is placed under a House Master / Mistress, who is directly responsible for the discipline and general well being of the members of the House. Regular Inter-House competitions are held through out the year in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, which foster healthy rivalry and competitive sprit. The Houses vie with one another to keep the house flag aloft and to win the coveted rolling trophy. The interhouse competitions helps to bring out the hidden talents of the students.
The initiative and capabilities of individual students are continuously watched and those with inherent or cultivated leadership qualities are selected to the Prefects’ Council. The students’ affairs are managed by this Council headed by the school captain. At the house level, the House Master / Mistress are assisted by House captains. 
All students have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of sports and recreational activities. Participation in a range of sports, both individual and team-based is a vital part of each child’s education. Music and Sports activities are positive for children's well-being. Extra-Curricular activities help them to have an increased sense of self-worth. These activities help them to think creatively. Both outdoor and indoor games ensure that our students are both physically and mentally equipped. Young children develop hand – eye coordination while advanced players enjoy more challenging games. Educational trips are conducted to enable students visit places of interest. A good field trip provides students with first hand experience related to a topic, and unique opportunities for learning that are not available within the four walls of the classrooms. The talents of the young ones are identified, nurtured and groomed to become stars of tomorrow. Students are trained in the field of dance, music and drama. Students can have fun in roller skating classes. Students develop life skills like confidence, control, fitness and coordination in our martial arts classes.
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